Water polo

Edwin Doran is a superb organisation which prepares exciting packages for schools.

Massey High School, New Zealand

School water polo tours

Butterfly, backstroke or breaststroke - grab your goggles and dive in for a memorable sports tour.

What you can expect from an Edwin Doran water polo tour:

Well-matched fixtures

Our unparalleled knowledge and expertise means we can provide you with perfectly matched fixtures.

Experiences to remember

We sent the first sports tours into South Africa following the apartheid era and continue to push the boundaries of sports travel.

Optional hosting

We specialise in arranging home hosting and can draw on unrivalled, extensive networks to ensure you have an enjoyable stay with your hosts.

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We have extensive knowledge and a personal approach

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Hillary Scholten
Water polo is very popular in the United States, Eastern Europe and South Africa. Why not invite your swimming team or other sports teams on your next school water polo tour?
Hillary Scholten

Sales and Operations (South Africa)


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