We had a fantastic tour to the USA with Edwin Doran.

Guildford High School, Surrey

School tennis tours

Serve them up and smash them down. Create incredible memories on an international school tennis tour. 

What you can expect from an Edwin Doran tennis tour:

Well-matched fixtures

Our unparalleled knowledge and expertise means we can provide you with perfectly matched fixtures.

Experiences to remember

We sent the first sports tours into South Africa following the apartheid era and continue to push the boundaries of sports travel.

Expert coaching

You can train with ex-international players in exciting locations.  We have worked with many of our overseas partners since 1974.

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We have extensive knowledge and a personal approach

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We provide opportunities to play tennis all over the world, including destinations offering warm weather training. The USA and Spain continue to be our most popular destinations.
Nick Fearon
Sales Manager

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