Celebrate with us! 40 Years of Edwin Doran Sports Tours

Are you going to Rosslyn Park National School 7s in Roehampton Vale w/c 24 March? If you are please come and join us at the Edwin Doran tent for some complimentary food and drinks. It’s our 40th birthday and we’re putting on a good spread for customers old and new to celebrate and thank you for travelling with us over the past 40 years. We hope to see you there!


Apart from the wind, rain, snow and the long walks to “RE72” - the RP7’s are above all a regular opportunity to meet friends, old and new - many seen once a year, having perhaps played rugby together 20 or 30 years ago at college!

We were the original ‘men in a tent’ all those years ago and feel we have grown up with the RP’s as it has matured into the wonderful and professional event it has become today. This year, we are delighted to once again be a key sponsor  and as ever, you can be assured of our commitment to you, your team and your school – and our normal maxim of ‘not talking about touring until you do’ will remain!

“Meet you at Edwin Doran’s Tent later” is a common phrase at the RP’s. Here you can sit and relax, grab a quick drink, some hot food (or a long one) and have a few minutes away from the touchline. But remember, if it’s raining then we’re afraid it’s standing room only!

We all really enjoy our week as well – not only does it gets us out of the office, it’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up with everybody and  whilst business is important, we recognise it is a business success based upon many friendships, many tall stories, great rugby and of course, our famous curries!

We look forward to an exciting week and hope you will share in our celebrations with us. The RP7’s remind us, in so many different ways, of what the world and camaraderie of rugby is all about - great memories for the many boys (and now girls) that they will remember for the rest of their lives!

We look forward to seeing you all in the mud and magic of Rosslyn Park.

Very best wishes

The Edwin Doran Team


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