Netball tours to Trinidad and Tobago

Energise your team with the high tempo and Caribbean flair of netball in these islands.

Trinidad and Tobago’s national team, known as the ‘Calypso Girls’ are a formidable force in the International scene and netball is played throughout schools and clubs across both islands.

Typical tour inclusions:

  • Well-matched fixtures
  • Accommodation
  • Travel and ground transportation
  • Your choice of excursions
  • Free staff places
  • Your own Tour Co-ordinator
  • 24-hour support
  • Branded tour kit
Typical prices range from
£1,800 - £2,200 Per person or call

Solihull School’s itinerary

Locals look worried as a player aims for the net.

Locals look worried as a player aims for the net. 

This tour included:

  • 11 nights               
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation
  • 22 party members
  • 3 free places
  • 2 training sessions
  • 4 fixtures (hockey and netball)
  • Flights, taxes and transfers
  • Multi-destination - St Lucia
  • Multi-sport - hockey
  • Excursions including turtle watching tour, Panyard Experience and a boat trip

Typically this tour would cost

2,162.00 Per person

Prices will differ depending on number of touring party size, number of free places and selection of excursions.


Depart London Gatwick for Trinidad. Transfer to hotel for five nights, bed and breakfast.


Light training session, lunch, then play 1st matches (hockey and netball).


Light training session, lunch, then play 2nd match (hockey). Dinner at hotel.


Play 3rd match (hockey), then enjoy a turtle watching tour .


Play 4th match (hockey), 2nd match (netball). Evening at the Panyard Experience.


Fly to St Lucia, for six nights, bed and breakfast.


Free day, then play 3rd match (netball).


Boat trip stopping for swimming, snorkelling and buffet lunch.


Free day then play final match (netball).


Enjoy the carnival season with live bands lining the streets.


Carnival or relax at the hotel.


Depart St Lucia for London Gatwick.


Arrive London Gatwick.

Why we love Trinidad and Tobago

Toby Douglas
"I love Trinidad and Tobago because they are not toured very often so when groups do go there they are warmly received and treated like royalty."
Toby Douglas, Sales Manager

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