Cricket tours to the Netherlands

Competitive European cricket along with superb sightseeing and warm hospitality.

The Netherlands is the only continental destination with the depth of cricket to offer a broad range of standards and ages. Clubs are keen to host touring sides and it’s only a short ferry ride or flight away.

Typical tour inclusions:

  • Well-matched fixtures
  • Accommodation
  • Travel and ground transportation
  • Your choice of excursions
  • Free staff places
  • Your own Tour Co-ordinator
  • 24-hour support
  • Optional branded tour kit
Typical prices range from
£300 - £600 Per person or call

Bristol Grammar School’s itinerary

Fixtures can be arranged for teams of all ages and abilities.

Fixtures can be arranged for teams of all ages and abilities.

This tour included:

  • 7 nights
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation
  • 16 party members 
  • 2 free places         
  • 5 fixtures
  • Ferries, taxes and transfers

Typically this tour would cost

866.00 Per person

Prices will differ depending on touring party size, number of free places and selection of excursions.


Coach transfer from Calais to Scheveningen, the seaside suburb of The Hague.


Play 1st match in Schiedam, then return to Scheveningen.


Play 2nd match, then return to Scheveningen.


Play 3rd match, watch Holland v Leicestershire CB40 match. Return to Scheveningen.


Play 4th match, then return to Scheveningen.


Play final match in Amstelveen, then return to Scheveningen.


Amsterdam city tour, canal boat cruise, then final tour dinner.


Transfer to Calais for return ferry to Dover, then coach to Bristol.

Why we love the Netherlands

Greg Gibson, Tour Operator

"The Dutch love to play UK teams and the facilities are fantastic. It’s only a short hop from the UK and everyone speaks English."

Greg Gibson, Tour Operator (Europe)


Rob Pearson, Sales Manager

"The Netherlands constantly exceeds expectations as a touring destination due to the high standard of sports facilities, range of local excursions and depth of opposition available."

Rob Pearson, Sales Manager