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“Everyone found the tour a humbling, culturally educating and above all rewarding experience."

Solihull School, Manchester

Sports tours to Swaziland

The Kingdom of Swaziland, landlocked by South Africa and Mozambique is a great add on to a tour of South Africa.


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“Some of our girls were in tears of sadness at the end of such a wonderful tour; thrilled to have played in such great settings and moved by their visits to the townships.”
Solihull School, Manchester

Stop-off in Swaziland

The country officially known as the Kingdom of Swaziland landlocked by South Africa and Mozambique is a great country to add on to a tour of South Africa.

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You can stop off whilst driving up from Durban to Jo’burg, or visa versa. Most schools stay at the Royal Swazi Resort which is run by the same company as Sun City in South Africa on a full board basis where everything is on site. The main reason for touring Swaziland are the cultural and charitable activities that you can get involved in. On the excursion side, kayaking down the Tembe or mountain biking are great options to take a break from your rugby, hockey, netball or football which can all be played in this wonderful land.

Rugby tours in Swaziland

Stopping off in Swaziland either on the way to Jo’Burg or Durban, you will find the rugby to be different to that of South Africa. We work with the SKRUM charity run by Michael Collison which means you will get the opportunity to teach young children the main aspects of the game and see how rugby has spread all around the world no matter what facilities are available. The standard of play in the Kingdom is increasing but is a welcome break from the physicality of South African rugby, the ball is run more in Swaziland. All the tours we have had visit the country have come back recommending the experience to any future tourist, Marlborough College even played the National U19 side in 2010.

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Shaun Caffrey, Operations (Africa)
A rugby match against Swaziland will be one of the highlights of any school rugby tour visiting Africa. But rugby is not the only sport played with hockey and football also increasing in popularity. Combined with a range of activities and attractions a sports tour to Swaziland will be etched in the memories of those who travel there for years to come.
Shaun Caffrey, Senior Tour Operator

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