Edwin Doran Sports Tours partner with R3S Global for expert crisis management initiative.

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The need for a proactive, hands on, approach to customer support and health and safety has always been something at the forefront of our minds here at Edwin Doran Sports Tours. Responding appropriately to unforeseen incidents and protecting our customers and schools is part and parcel of this.

Most schools have a critical incident management plan in place, but very few will ever really invest training time into its application until the worst actually happens. We have recently partnered with R3S Global, crisis management experts, to offer schools a ‘near to real’ experience of an unfolding crisis as it happens. We believe the experience is hugely valuable for schools staff/SMT’s to become better acquainted with the procedures they would need to follow should a critical incident ever occur on tour.

On the day, participants will go through all the challenges of such an incident. Various role players are present to add enhanced reality to the simulation. Significantly, the staff here at Edwin Doran are integrated into the simulation, offering assistance, advice and support exactly as we would in a real crisis. The school will work with our team to understand the role we would play should our assistance ever be needed – bringing a crucial level of support that can be actioned at very short notice. 

To contact us, email [email protected] for more information and a representative of R3S Global will contact you to discuss your school’s needs, whether they are a lower profile ‘table top’ simulation or a full ‘near to real’ experience.

Berkhamsted School recently took part in the initative, to read this case study please click here.