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Promoting your tour

We’re here to help you promote your tour to players, parents and decision makers, increasing sign-up so you can put together the strongest team possible.

Promoting your sports tour is key to its success. Tour Managers need to create a groundswell of enthusiasm for the upcoming sporting adventure, in order to pull together the right team from a strong bank of players. While being selected for a sports tour is an honour and can be preparation for an event/season, or a reward for years of hard work and commitment to your sport, finance issues can still hold back some potential team members. The lack of a key player can also threaten the whole trip.

Our staff are on hand to assist you to promote parents and players that your tour is unmissable, and increase the up-take rate. We give you materials and support to highlight the potential to advance skills, gain competition experience, learn from a different playing styles, explore another culture and go on exciting excursions. We can also help you get school, university or club staff and decision makers on board. There are several ways we can support you in promoting your tour:

Parents’ presentation evening

Members of our knowledgeable, friendly team are always happy to attend a formal parents’ presentation evening. We have a vast array of pictures from previous personal and team touring experiences, and many stories and anecdotes to amuse through the likes of PowerPoint presentations. We are happy to answer any questions parents have in a face-to-face setting and discuss ideas in detail. This is also a great chance to let family and supporters know how we can help them to follow your tour, getting them involved in the excitement of your trip away.

Promotional posters

Running a poster campaign around the school is a great way to raise awareness of your upcoming tour. Our in-house design team can create bespoke posters for your trip in A3 and A4 sizes. We draw on a fantastic portfolio of destination images and photos of previous tours, to whet the appetite for travel and competition. Posters can be sent to you as downloadable PDFs so you can print them out yourself.

Template letter to parents and guardians

To save you time, we’ve drafted a suggested letter to parents and guardians, highlighting the benefits of going on our sports tours and answering common queries. You can use it word for word, or edit it to suit your purposes. Just ask your Tour Consultant to send you a copy.