Booking with us


As homestay specialists, our unbeatable networks ensure a great fit for enjoyable stays with your hosts, while our carefully selected hotels enhance your tour.

Nothing beats the thrill of taking on overseas competition on their own turf, but at Edwin Doran, we know that time spent with the opposition off the pitch is just as important. Socialising, eating together and swapping stories cultivates the friendly side of rivalry and creates lasting memories. There is no better way to dive into a destination’s culture and make time to bond than by staying with your hosts in their homes and boarding schools. From gathering round the family TV to watch the football in Rio to hiking in Canada’s great outdoors with people who know the terrain, homestay opens up a world of friendship and cultural exchange that lifts your tour out of the ordinary.

Most of our long-haul tours come with the option of homestay, so you your team can get to know the real South Africa, enjoy the laid-back Aussie lifestyle, the legendary North American hosting culture or the warm Latin welcome of South America.

Detailed planning from home stay and homestay experts

One of the reasons people keep returning to Edwin Doran for their sports tours is our easy expertise in linking up your team members with well-matched home stays. Our years of experience in the business mean we can draw on unrivalled, extensive networks. Tour members usually get to stay with someone from the team they are playing, or with another student’s family. We make all the necessary arrangements to ensure the experience is rewarding for everyone; liaising with the host school to carefully match hosts to guests, taking into account playing positions, interests and other factors.

The composition of billets varies depending on the size of players’ parent's houses, but ocasionally it can be a single guest to a single host. We encourage Tour Managers to get in touch with the host school before the tour starts to run through details and let them know of any special requirements.

Perfectly picked hotels

While we always recommend homestay where it’s an option, in places where it is not available we work with a network of trusted hotels to enhance your tour. All our hotels meet strict safety standards and are equipped to deal with school groups. We make sure they are located within in easy reach of your fixtures and offer plenty of good food, for your team to refuel after a hard day competing or training.

Our friendly staff are happy to advise you on the best accommodation options for your specific tour, taking into account factors like cost, adventure and comfort. For instance, a popular choice when touring Down Under is to book a mix of billets and hotels to give you extra value for money. Wherever you stay on tour, Edwin Doran Sports Tours go the extra mile to ensure it’s the right place for you to get the most out of your time away.