Booking with us

How to book

Booking with us is easy – from building your ideal tour to promoting your trip and supporting you while you’re away, we’re with you every step.

Choose your destination

You know your sport, but where do you want to go with it? Browse our fantastic range of school sports tours for inspiration, from rugby trips to South Africa to cricket tours to the Caribbean and hockey trips to Spain. Consider sports trips to new and exciting destinations such as Jamaica, Japan and Zimbabwe. You can get a quick quote online, or to chat through your ideas, please get in touch by calling us on Tel: 020 3468 8226.

We build your bespoke tour

We listen to you and create a unique tour tailored to your needs. You may want a trip that’s focused on training, or one with more enriching excursions into the local culture and landscape. We consider which countries play your chosen sport, when you want to travel, what their facilities are and the standard of local teams we can match with your group. Contact us to discuss your dream tour and get a quote.

Promote your trip

Once you have agreed your tour, it's time to raise awareness and get members signed up for the experience. We help by coming to your school to do a presentation for players and parents. The illustrated talk shows them the matches and excursions you have planned and covers important issues such as health and safety. We can also provide materials for your own efforts to promote your tour.

Finalise your booking

Once your team is signed up, it’s time to collect deposits from members. Then fill out our easy online booking form to finalise your booking.

Relax while we organise your tour

A dedicated tour operator arranges every aspect of your trip, from organising fixtures to booking transport and liaising with hotels. Once the main points are pinned down, a final sit-down meeting ensures every detail of your itinerary is up to scratch. This detailed planning means your party gets the most out of your time away – training, competing and experiencing the best of your host country.

Enjoy your trip with on-tour support

You can head off on tour knowing that we’re on hand to support you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our sports travel experts have the international know-how to help you with any queries or emergencies you might have. Our 24-hour contact number comes as part of the Tour Manager's Final Documentation Pack, which we send you two to three weeks before you leave.

To find out more, contact our team on Tel: 0203 6177983.