Edwin Doran MasterClass Spain October 2014

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This October half term the sun, sea and Salou welcomed four schools and 170 eager students and staff, ready to put multiple UK and Spanish sports teams to the test. The first day started off calmly with excursions to Nou Camp, Barcelona and Port Aventura. Fun was had by all despite a few teachers looking a bit green as they stepped off the rollercoaster’s of Port Aventura.
Football and rugby set the tone of the week with wins for both teams and fantastic competition. The fixtures carried on positively throughout the week with successful score lines and only a few losses recorded.
Matt, Lewis and Chris once again joined the Edwin Doran MasterClass coaching team to put the football boys and girls through their paces. The footballers trained in the sunshine for both football training days aquiring new techniques and skills which were put into practice in competitive competition. The coaches’ passion was obvious, and boys who had never played before left with the football bug. The final tournament, closely competed, showcased fresh football skills Barcelona FC could only dream of!
Michelle, Joan, Aimee, Jemma and Ian all returned to put the netball girls to the test. The sports hall was filled out with a circuit of drills, all relating to different positions and plays on the court. The girls learnt a lot and improvements were obvious in the tournament. 
When the students returned to Playa Park they enjoyed some well earned downtime by the pool or in the lounge playing games. A much needed refuelling session in the buffet and they were all ready to go for their fixtures and evening ntertainment. Whether it was the karaoke, the zap show or the disco, all three were packed with some new shapes being busted on the dance floor.
All in all a fantastic week underpinned by successful fixtures, closely matched tournaments, delicious food, sunny weather and happy faces on both the students and staff. We look forward to the tours forthcoming events in April and May.
Once again, fantastically organised beforehand and whilst we were there. Couldn't have asked for any more from the staff from Edwin Doran MasterClass.
Hurworth School, Netball, Football and Rugby
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