Team Edwin Doran attempt the Hampton Court Half Marathon in aid of Team George

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George Robinson is in Year 13 at Stamford School....But on July 27th 2015, George's life changed forever...

During a rugby match against DF Malan School, in Cape Town, whilst on his school rugby tour, George incurred a serious spinal cord injury in a tackle. The injury has been life changing as it caused a transection of his spinal cord. A year on since the injury, George and his family have come to terms with the very real fact that he requires long-term personal care and support. After spending 37 days in a South African hospital and a further 5 weeks in Addenbrookes, Cambridge, George is currently being rehabilitated in the Princess Royal Spinal Unit in Sheffield.

Whilst George, his family and friends are both positive in their outlook and purposeful, that George will continue to live a vibrant life and contribute to the full, this has and will continue to come at a significant financial cost.

In light of this tragic incident, a trust has been set up to support George and his family, with George’s father, Mr Simon Robinson, fellow Stamford School parents Mr Gareth Evison and Mr William Burgess (parent) and the Headmaster of Stamford School, Mr Will Phelan, the nominated trustees. They are supported by a superb fund raising team led by Mr David Laventure (Director of Sport at Stamford) and Stamford school parents Mrs Linda Evison and Mrs Jacalyn Burgess.

The Trust is a discretionary trust, meaning s that the trustees can make a decision collectively regarding how the money raised for George can be best used. This may mean that there is a specific piece of equipment, treatment or resources we wish to buy for George, or for example, money may be given to the institutions or charities which have supported him and will continue to support him. The team's goal for the new year is to get George home with his family and prepare George for his return to School in September.

George’s parents commented; “George is displaying exceptional mental strength and fortitude in dealing with his injury. We are incredibly grateful and touched with the magnificent support, unity and spirit being given through teamgeorge, it is a tremendous source of energy and strength for George and our family.”

Needless to say that everyone at Edwin Doran has been touched by the response from George, his family and friends, and everyone who has contributed in some way towards to this cause, supporting George with continuing to deal with his injury. So we've ammassed a 22 strong team to attempt the Hampton Court Half Marathon on Sunday 19th February.

Every penny counts, so if you're feeling generous, please visit the Just Giving page of Edwin Doran's Head of Sales, Toby Douglas to make a donation. If you would like to come down to cheer us on, then we would love your support on the day too - its going to be a real challenge for some of us!

Thank you all in advance,

Team Edwin


To follow George's progress visit the official website, or follow TeamGeorge on Facebook and Twitter