South Africa


A Summer of Touring in South Africa 2018

One of our team, Jon Chowney, spent time in South Africa this summer. Here is his report:

Leaving the UK during one of it's hottest summers to date, I was reminded upon my arrival that South Africa's winter is like no other as I stepped out of the airport into 22 degrees and perfect sunshine. 

After picking up my car my first stop was Langa Township to watch Maynard School in their final hockey fixture in Cape Town before embarking on their adventure along the Garden Route.

Parkhouse School Sports Tour to South Africa

Edwin Doran On Tour: Parkhouse School

In July 2016, 44 students and 6 teachers from Parkhouse School, Newbury, departed on a 2 week sports tour of South Africa.

Combining their football, rugby and netball teams, this was one of our most memorabl tours of the summer,  exemplifying just how perfect South Africa is for accommodating multi-sports tours, exceeding expectations of students, teachers and parents alike.

school children at cape of good hope

Edwin Doran “instrumental” in reforming of South African immigration policy

Following the announcement that South African immigration polices for schools will be revised after a period of consultation and review, Stephen Ludnow, Commercial Director at Edwin Doran Travel has commented,
“It’s been refreshing to deal with policy makers at the highest level and have our input valued and implemented.” 
Edwin Doran Sports Tours were instrumental in persuading the South African government to alter the Visa & Immigration processes for school children visiting South Africa as part of a school visit.