Anni Cummings

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Gloucestershire, studying Event Management and specifying in Sporting Events. This August I began my year-long Placement with Edwin Doran, a company I am thrilled to be working with, in a role that combines two of my favourite things, sport and travel!

From a young age I have always been involved in sport, earning success in trampolining, hockey and eventually turning all my focus to Netball, allowing me to become captain of my team before relocating for university.

Traveling has always been a huge love that I will never get enough of, being lucky enough to travel to magnificent places such as Finland, Greece, Austria, the Canary Islands and many more.

My placement with Edwin Doran not only allows me to put my university knowledge to practice, but also gives me a head start as a graduate entering the industry I dream of earning a career in.