Shaun Cafferey

Shaun Caffrey, Operations (Africa)

Senior Tour Operator

About me
A Yorkshireman through and through, I graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in Sports Management. I went on to work in the sports travel industry for three years before setting off on a nine-month round-the-world trip to the USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. I then made the move down south to work for Edwin Doran which has taken me to South Africa, Australia and more.
Football is my main sport, and I played to county and centre of excellence level as a youngster. My appearances on the pitch now are a lot more of a social affair, playing the odd game here and there but still loving every minute of it.
Favourite sporting destination
South Africa – it has everything you could ask for from a sporting destination: quality opposition, great hospitality, stunning scenery and amazing excursions!
Favourite personal sporting moment
Playing and beating a Manchester United academy side as a 15 year old.
Phone: 0203 617 7981
Email address: [email protected]