Josh Short


About Me

I am a Sports Coaching Science graduate out of University of Brighton. I am a very passionate sport enthusiast and have a background in playing several sports including: Tennis, Football, Rugby and Cricket. My main sport however, is Basketball, of which I still play at a local level. I am also an active coach, coaching within a local club as well as for Surrey County Basketball Association.


I have also been lucky enough to have travelled on 8 sports tours, to Belgium, Czech Republic and Spain (x6). All of these are experiences that will stay with me for years to come.


Favourite Sporting Destination

Blanes, Spain – Coaching in a top facility that included 6 basketball courts of which 1 had stadium seating for nearly 2,000 supporters. The Spanish love their basketball and it really shows in the facilities that they have an offer to their talented young players.


Favourite Personal Sporting Moment

As a coach, winning the South East Regional Tournament with the U11s. As a player, winning the Wiltshire Youth Games in Year 9, my first experience of true competitive basketball outside of school.